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  • Craft Web Solutions Celebrates 1 Year

    Craft Web Solutions Celebrates 1 Year!

    One year ago today, I was sitting at home, looking at my new Wix created website, looking at the Publish button and thinking to myself, “If I Publish this, then Craft Web Solutions goes LIVE. Am I ready?” I had … Read more

  • Rani Craft Robinson Kiganda CEO Founder of Craft Web Solutions

    We’re Prepping for a (Birthday) Party, And You’re Invited!

    As June comes to a close, we’re preparing for our 12 day celebration of Craft Web Solutions’ 1st Birthday! *Cheers* *Whoohoo* *Smiles*. From July 1 through July 12 (Business Birth-day!) we’ll be taking a look back at some of our … Read more

  • screen shot of veggie cakes and we create associates website

    What’s New: Website for Veggie Cakes & WeCreate Associates

    So what’s new with Craft Web Solutions? Well, let me tell you! We’ve been busy, and happily so, working with small business owners and entrepreneurs in creating and updating their existing website! This week we launched a new website for … Read more

  • Rani Craft Robinson Kiganda conducts website creation workshop in DC

    Craft Web Solutions Holds Its First Website Creation Workshop

    As a small business owner of a boutique website consulting firm, I’m always looking for ways to reach out to our target audience: small business owners and entrepreneurs who are working in their business, but lack a website or a … Read more

  • 4 ways to get the best website photos

    4 Ways to Get the Best Website Photos

    I want big and beautiful website photos! Of course you do, who doesn’t? Almost every good-looking website design includes a large image slider on the homepage. I’m sure you’re wandering where those big and beautiful photos come from, right? This … Read more

  • Website Creation Workshop image with Rani Craft Robinson

    Are You Ready to Create Your Next Website?

    For a lot of us, when we create a website for personal or professional use, we don’t take the time to think about the content we’ll have for this website we’re building. A lot of times we get caught up … Read more

  • Rani Robinson holding a sign

    4 Things To Think About Before Creating a Website

    What’s your WHY for starting your business? What are the reasons that make you get up each and every morning? Anyone can have a website for their business. Anyone can have a social media following of a few hundred friends … Read more

  • Me at Get Radical 2013

    It’s time to Celebrate! Get Radical Women’s Conference 2014, Here We Come!

    We’re a little over 2 days and counting until the start of the last Get Radical Women’s Conference! To say that I’m excited is an over statement. Yes! I’m very much looking forward to taking excessive notes from the powerful … Read more

  • African American woman mad at the computer

    Tips on How to Prevent Your Website from Being Hacked

    Picture if you will… You’re enjoying a nice snow day with your family and all of a sudden your assistant, or friend, or family member sends you a text message saying something like this, “Is your website down? It’s not … Read more

  • Get RADICAL flyer with Doreen Rainey Laila Ali and others

    You Can Have It All, You Just Need to Get RADICAL!

    Don’t be fooled by the naysayers who say “you can’t have everything.” I call BS. You can have it all. You just need to get RADICAL about it. Don’t let this “RADICAL” word scare you… like it did me (at … Read more

  • meme of 14 days of what we love day 4 photography

    14 Days of What We Love: Day 4

    For 14 Days of What We Love: Day 4, we’re talking about one of my favorite subjects: Photography! Nothing can speak to the importance of great photos on your website. Nothing. No photos, no repeat or long-lasting customers. None to … Read more

  • 14 days of what we love day 3 move it monday

    14 Days of What We Love: Day 3

    For 14 Days of What We Love: Day 3, we’re talkin’ Move-it Monday – 10 Ways to De-Stress in 5 Minutes or Less. We absolutely love this article from Tia Mowry that was posted on TiaandTameraOfficial.com/ As entrepreneurs we tend … Read more

  • 14 days of what we love day 2 babyccino kids blog

    14 Days of What We Love: Day 2

    For Day 2 of 14 Days of What We Love, we’re talking about Babyccino Kids. I first stumbled upon this blog via FathomAway.com and instantly fell in love with their light & refreshing design and of course their cute icons … Read more

  • Picture of a meme

    14 Days of What We Love: Day 1

    As we celebrate the month of LOVE leading up to the big day on February 14th, we’re celebrating some things of our own. Cheers to 14 Days of What We Love! Day 1 Pop-Ups, Sign-Ups, Oh My! Are the pop-ups … Read more

  • Food52 Pop-up

    Pop-Ups, Sign-Ups, Oh My!

    You have seen them. And you’ve either succumbed to them or ignored them. But what makes you click on a pop-up email subscription form? Is it a pretty picture(s) or the message? For me, it’s a picture (“A picture is worth … Read more

  • Globe of social media icons

    5 Tips to a Successful Online Presence

    It is very easy for entrepreneurs to get overwhelmed when starting a new business. I’ve been there, (imagine working full-time, being a wife and mother of two small kids), so I get it! But there is nothing more rewarding than … Read more

  • Collage of images from websites

    Be Inspired with Pinterest

    Inspiration goes a long way. Earlier this summer I created a Pinterest board called Website Designs I Love. The idea came about when I stumbled upon Forbes’ 100 Best Websites for Women, 2013. I saw tons of websites that I … Read more

  • 6 Success Tips for New Bloggers

    6 Success Tips for New Bloggers

    Over the past few months, I've been getting a lot of inquiries from friends, clients and associates alike about how to start a blog, and tips for writing blogs. There are so many things I've learned since I started, but … Read more

  • Elephant featured on a website theme

    3 Easy Steps for Choosing Your Website Theme

    If you’re like me and have spent countless hours searching for the “perfect” website theme (also known as your website’s layout or design), then read on for tips on how to make the decision simpler. Let’s face it – nothing … Read more

  • 5 Easy Steps for Starting a Blog

    5 Easy Steps to Starting a Blog

    by Christine St.Vil, CEO of Moms 'N Charge Whether you’re looking to start a blog for personal or professional reasons, making that decision to actually start one (and commit to it), can be a heart pounding experience. I’ve come a long … Read more

  • Rani Craft Robinson-Kiganda outside in Baltimore Maryland

    Welcome to Craft Web Solutions

    On March 2013, I started making major moves to create a business where I can share/transfer to other the talents, gifts, and wonderful life experiences that God has given me. This all started in late March when I attended my … Read more