February 2 through March 1, 2015, Craft Web Solutions celebrated 28 Days of What We Love: Website Designs. I barely scratched the surface of what’s out there. I hope that what I selected offered some much needed inspiration for your next website redesign. I know it has for me and my little team that chooses to stay incognito (*giving the side eye*). :-)

Next time you’re thinking about a website redesign or creating a brand new website, really consider how you can set your website a part from everyone else’s because before they are able to read your content, the first thing they’re going to see is your website design. Now, for the recap. See my picks for the 10 best website designs from 28 Days of What We Love. Happy planning!

1. Trip Cape

TripCape-website-design-by-satu pelkonen


2. 24 Hours of Happy


Day 13 - 28 days of what we love - pharrell williams - happy


3. Gasp


Gasp-Photography-28 Days of What We Love


4. Food 52


Food 52 - 28 Days of What We Love


5. Petite Alma


Petite Alma - 28 Days of What We Love


6. Andrea Mann


Andrea-Mann-28 Days of What We Love


7. The Wander Forest


Juliet-theme-wordpress-28 days of what we love


8. Spent


Spent - McKiney-website-design2-Day


9. Robert Schefhman’s FTLON




10. Web Designer Depot













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28 Days of What We Love: 10 Best Website Designs
The 10 best website designs from '28 Days of What We Love' 2015.