It is very easy for entrepreneurs to get overwhelmed when starting a new business. I’ve been there, (imagine working full-time, being a wife and mother of two small kids), so I get it! But there is nothing more rewarding than working for something your passionate about. Still, when passion meets the technically challenged (Yes. That’s you.), there can be bumps in the road. If you’re not technically savvy, the last thing that you want to think about is something called an online presence. If you’re asking yourself what is an online presence and why is it important, then please, read on.


You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, yes? Well if you haven’t then you might be living under a rock. Facebook caught on like wildfire in 2004. Twitter, two years later in 2006. And soon after that Pinterest. All of these social media platforms – and this is just a few of them – served a personal purpose, which was for us/the consumer, to keep in touch with our friends and family. However, once large companies, organizations and even small businesses, realized the importance of “being where your customer is,” the social media platforms quickly became a professional network – a little social, a little networking – all in a good day’s work.


Let’s say you have a business. How are you marketing that business online? How do you attract customers via social networks and websites? Here are 5 tips to a successful online presence for your business.


[dropcap]1[/dropcap]Website. Whether it’s free and easily created via or WordPress, a website is key! It’s just as important as a business card. If you’re at a networking event or you meet someone on the street, it’s important to be prepared with further details on how someone can get in touch with you and your services. Phone numbers and email addresses are great, yes, but what would entice you more? A business card with no website listed or a business card with a website address where you can get further information about someone’s business without even having to pick up the phone?


[dropcap]2[/dropcap]Facebook and Twitter. Think about how many Facebook friends you have. How many is it? 200? 300? It’s a lot. Now think about the amount of friends just ONE of your friends has on Facebook. When you share content about yourself or your business on Facebook, it’s seen by each one of your friends on their Timeline. If anyone of your 100+ friends likes something that they share, it has the potential to be seen by 100+ of their friends! It’s a beautiful domino effect. If you’re sharing information about your business, you’ve just shared it with 100+ people. More eyeballs coming to your website and/or gaining knowledge about your business – 10x faster than a simple business card handout. Think about that.


[dropcap]3[/dropcap] Pinterest. If your business is centered on selling a product, then Pinterest is crucial for your business. Consumers spend 70 percent more money after viewing items/pictures on Pinterest than on any other social platform according to Search Engine Journal. That’s HUGE. Think about that!


[dropcap]4[/dropcap] LinkedIn. LinkedIn stepped on the scene in 2003 as the essential professional networking site. Ten years later it’s still the “go-to” website for keeping your professional work history up-to-date. Naturally, if you’re starting a new business then LinkedIn is the perfect place to mention it. Add your venture to your profile page for all your connections to see. Similar to Facebook and Twitter … you never know who’s going to see it.


[dropcap]5[/dropcap] Google+. Last but not least, we have Google+. I know. I’m sure you’re screaming out – “Not ANOTHER social media platform!!” Yes. It’s true. Google has a monopoly on our lives already *Speaking directly to the Gmail users* and is more popular, currently, than Twitter according to a recent Time’s article. Still, it doesn’t keep our attention – for hours – the way Facebook can. But it’s a growing and popular place to be, and professionally speaking, it’s effective. Think: Google+ Hangout – great for video conferences where screen sharing and file sharing is as simple as clicking one button.


I hope this brings to light answers to some of the questions around an online presence and why it’s so important.


Are you an entrepreneur who has a business but no online presence? Let’s talk!