Don’t be fooled by the naysayers who say “you can’t have everything.” I call BS. You can have it all. You just need to get RADICAL about it. Don’t let this “RADICAL” word scare you… like it did me (at first). What does RADICAL mean? It can mean different things for different people. For me, RADICAL means to make a dynamic change, a shift in what you’re doing in your personal and professional life. A personal change tends to be the friends we associate with, and professional can either mean to leave that job you’ve been “talking” about leaving for 5 years, or perhaps it’s starting a new business that you’ve been telling others about for … 7 plus years. Whatever the case may be – BIG, BOLD changes in your life amount to RADICAL changes not everyone is prepared to make or accept.

I learned about this word RADICAL at the 2013 Get RADICAL Women’s Conference in Reston, VA. I’ve blogged extensively on A Way Back to Africa about my turning point – my RADICAL change – that occurred at this conference, alongside hundreds of women from all over: Hawaii, Florida, California, New York, Maryland, DC, Virginia and countless other locations. As I come upon my 1 year RADICAL Anniversary, I’m taking this time to reflect back and remember where I was, where I am now and where I want to be. In the end, I hope it inspires you to make some RADICAL changes in your life.

[headline tag=’h2′]Where I Was[/headline]

A pregnant Rani RobinsonA wife, mother of a little girl, another little one on the way, and my life as a full-time managing producer for a major cable network’s website, my life had become very “by the book.” And I was very keen on not “losing myself” by becoming this busy, working-mom. So with the advice of a dear friend – you might know her, Mrs. Christine St.Vil of Mom’s ‘n Charge – I attended Get RADICAL 2013. It exceeded my expectations, which were low because I had no idea on what to expect. The caliber of women that attended and spoke at the conference was beyond inspiring. I left the conference EXCITED about the future and BURSTING with new ideas on how to take my life from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY, and I did it – the week after I gave birth to my son!




[headline tag=’h2′]Where I Am Now[/headline]

Rani Craft RobinsonJuly 12, 2013 I launched Craft Web Solutions, an online presence boutique consulting firmbirthed out of Get RADICAL 2013. Many might say that I was crazy (aka RADICAL) for what I did – birthing a child the week before and then launching my business the following week. Look, a lot can be accomplished when you’re on maternity leave. But I was also MOTIVATED and I would NOT be stopped. I made a promise to myself back in March 2013 and that was to do what I said I would do – help small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the overwhelming and confusing world of website creation, social media and search engine optimization. And we’re doing it. We have clients from Maryland to Boston and just recently London!!




[headline tag=’h2′]Where I Want to Be[/headline]

Craft Web SolutionsWhat I’m doing with Craft Web Solutions is just the beginning. If you read my blog – A Way Back to Africa – you would have read (if the title of the blog didn’t give it away) that I have plans, BIG plans for how to extend what we’re doing to Africa – 1-2 countries, to be determined. Our goal would be to partner with a college/university and teach students how to use basic online media skills to make money! As many of us know, the future is here and it’s online media. In one shape or another, you’ve got to know the basics of maintaining a website and how to work with the BIG 5 Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

There is nothing stopping me from connecting with Africa now, but I’m focused on the road in front of me – laser focused. When an opportunity presents itself, we’ll make it happen!



Get RADICAL Women’s Conference 2014

So where will you be – or better yet – where do you NEED to be March 21-23, 2014? I can’t answer that question for you, but if I had to guess, I’d say in Reston, VA, at Get RADICAL. Join me, Doreen Rainey, Laila Ali (former professional boxer), Lori Greiner (Shark Tank), Jean Chatzky and Teneshia Jackson Warner, Christine St. Vil and countless others for the change you’ve been thinking, dreaming, daydreaming about and more. If you’re seeking a change, a RADICAL change, and you’ve been seeking it for some time now, than there is NO BETTER TIME like the present! Life is happening now. Don’t talk yourself out of making that change you’ve been craving, by saying, “Oh, I’ll go next year…” Is that you? Ignore you!

Every Monday night leading up to the conference, Doreen Rainey is holding a Live Google+ Hangout video chat with the Keynote Speakers and Breakout Session leaders that will be at the conference. Get a sample of what’s to come! You can watch the previous Monday’s recordings and register (for Free) to attend future Hangouts.

If you’ve attended Get RADICAL in the past, please share your story here. I would love to hear it and reflect with you!

Let’s make 2014 another year to remember! See you in March!