One year ago today, I was sitting at home, looking at my new Wix created website, looking at the Publish button and thinking to myself, “If I Publish this, then Craft Web Solutions goes LIVE. Am I ready?

I had just given birth 8 days earlier to my second child. I didn’t know if I’d have the time to dedicate to my own business, especially once I went back to work full-time, but I knew – during those 3 months of maternity leave – I was going to do 3 things very well: be an awesome mom of 2, spend more time with my husband AND be a kick-ass boss.

Like many new business owners, I thought Craft Web Solutions had to do and be everything, so to say we went through some growing pains is an understatement. But I’m so happy that through each trial and error, was another lesson on how to do better and how to improve the business. I know what a huge feat this is, since nearly 50 percent of businesses fail in their first year. I speak for everyone (Amtul, John, Patricia, Duane, Ben, Mike and Quiana) who’s made Craft Web Solutions what it is today, when I say, we’re making it!! :-)


Cheers to many, many more!

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