Believe it or not, I get asked this question quite often –“Does Craft Web Solutions mean you work with arts and crafts?” Or sometimes it’s “Where does ‘Craft’ in Craft Web Solutions come from?” Even though ‘web’ is also in the title, the question regarding ‘arts and crafts’ always makes me chuckle. So what’s in the name ‘Craft Web Solutions?’ Let’s take it back, just a little bit.

First off, I believe that your business name should have a relative meaning. Whether it’s something deep, spiritual, personal or funny to you, a business name should not be picked out of thin air – in my opinion. I’m the fifth descendent of Ellen and William Craft, escaped slaves from Macon, GA. Ellen and William’s story is unique because they weren’t only escaped slaves, but the extreme measures they took to escape were heroic. Ellen Craft was so fair skinned that she was able to disguise herself as an invalid who was a white gentleman traveling with “his” slave William. The bandages and arm sling from the “surgery” were to disguise Ellen’s feminine features and to also make it near impossible for her to write, if asked. Being a slave, Ellen was not taught to write, so if asked to do so, it would have been a dead giveaway.

In 1848, Ellen and William traveled from Georgia to Charleston, SC, to Philadelphia, PA, to Boston, MA, and ultimately to England, after their "owner" traveled as far north as Boston, MA, to reclaim them. For Ellen and William, they had no choice but to continue north and cross the Atlantic.

This amazing story has been told in William Craft's biography "Running A Thousand Miles to Freedom," and it’s been used in my family for generations to tell the story of the amazing bravery, self-determined, unwavering characters of our ancestors. It’s this reason alone that made 'Craft' the obvious choice to be a part of the business name.

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In life, and especially in business, there are so many moments of feeling like "This is too hard," "I can't go on." But the honest truth is that sometimes I do reflect on the name 'Craft' and I think about Ellen, and William and all that they went through. How could I possibly complain about hard work … about anything? I’m incredibly proud and humbled to own a business with a name that has such an incredible meaning.

Article Name
In Honor of Black History Month: The Story Behind 'Craft' in Craft Web Solutions
In honor of Black History Month, Craft Web Solutions founder Rani Craft Robinson-Kiganda explains the meaning behind 'Craft' in the company's name.