As an entrepreneur, who's also working in a full-time job, setting goals, prioritizing and making sure I have a vision board early on (before the "race" begins) is so key. But what steps are needed in order to turn that vision board into reality? A little background … In 2013, when I started Craft Web Solutions,.I had a vision. I was going to help new entreprenuers and small business owners bring their business to the world wide web. "They" were going to have questions about photo selection, website layout choices, preferred copy, etc, and I was going to answer them because after 11 years (now 13) I had a "little" something to say. 

Little did I know the challenges, ups, downs and obstacles I would face. July 4, 2013, I gave birth second child. If anything, I was more determined once he arrived to set my vision and execute the best way I knew how. And with the help of my Accountability Posse and The Mom Strategist, Mia Redrick, I was on my way!

If you're asking how, how do I juggle it all? Here's how:

1. Plan out your day and ultimately your week by the minute and hour. 

2. Set aside time for you. This is where the "BREAK" aka "Remember to breathe" comes into play. When launching a new business plus being a wife, significant other, mom, boss, etc, etc, you QUICKLY lose yourself. All of the aforementioned will fall by the wayside if you're not taking care of you, first.

3. Ask for help/Seek advice. It's too easy to say, "I've got this. I can do it." If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that I can't be expected to know everything. There are many facets to running your own business: communication with clients and staff, marketing of the business (i.e. social media), strategy and planning and then, of course, execution (doing the work). Focus on the areas you thrive in. One of my professors once said…

Focus 100% on what you are great at doing, what you currently have an A+ or B+ in. Don't work overtime on perfecting the Cs and Ds. Perfect the B+ until it's an A+. Then, you've got a winning combination. Let someone else handle your Cs and Ds.

Pretty smart, right? 

4. Manage the To Do List(s).  For a long time I struggled with how to manage all of my to do lists. I had a notebook, spreadsheets and Word documents in Google Drive. I had lists everywhere. It wasn't until my virtual assistant recommended, did I start to get organized. The chaos subsided. This is incredibly crucial when multi-tasking several different things at once. In Asana, you can easily set-up reminders and add members of your team so that they can weigh-in on projects. I did use another system called Wrike for a while, but I found it to not be as user-friendly. Whatever you decide to use, just stay organized one way or another.

Now, speaking of visions. I have 2 vision boards. One is catered to my personal life with my family and personal goals. The other is focused on what I want to see happen with Craft Web Solutions. On both of those boards, I have a picture of myself next to a cut out of the Washingtonian MOM magazine title and logo. One day I, my family and Craft Web Solutions will be featured in the Washingtonian MOM magazine. It's a dream of mine that I know will come true one day. But in the interim, God decided he was going to prepare me by throwing not one but 3 interviews my way, all within 2 months!

I was incredibly honored to share my story, and how I juggle it all, on Working Motherhood, Mater Mea and I Want Her Job. Each outlet caters to working women and mothers. Such an honor!

So what's the moral of the story? Set a goal, prioritize your life to accomplish those goals, have a vision and watch it come true!

All the best,

Rani Robinson





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How to Prioritize in Order to Turn a Vision Board into Reality
What steps are needed in order to turn a vision board into reality? Four steps on how to prioritize your life.