You have seen them. And you've either succumbed to them or ignored them. But what makes you click on a pop-up email subscription form? Is it a pretty picture(s) or the message? For me, it's a picture ("A picture is worth a thousand words") and then the message – usually the first several words. If you don't capture my attention in the first few milli-seconds of reading (i.e. Sign up for our useful, inspired emails, and…) then, you've lost me.

If you're thinking about using an email subscription pop-up form on your website, consider the following:

1. Do I need pop-up?

If you have new content being added to your website on a consistent basis or dished out in a weekly newsletter, than the answer is a resounding, yes! In some cases, just having the Subscription option on the right rail of your website just isn't enough. But if your content (i.e. no new blogs, tips, etc) isn't updated on a daily, or weekly basis, than perhaps the right rail option is enough for you right now. And that's OK too.

2. Design.

How will your pop-up look? Will you have picture(s) or just text? I'd advise to go with picture(s). As you'll see from the examples below, pictures help a great deal.

3. What is the pop-up going to say?

Remember what I said above? Keep it informative, to the point and short. Tell the website visitor exactly what they're going to get out of Subscribing.

Below are a few examples of some great pop-up windows that I like. Good luck!

Food52 Pop-up

What I Like: Once you've hit Submit, you receive this message: "Well done. You deserve a cookie." Cookie is hyperlinked to their Margical Marvelous Memorable Cookies recipe.

Melanie Duncan Pop-up

What I Like: The photo of Melani Duncan is directional – forcing your eyes to look left and read what she offers.

Fathom Away Sign-up Form

What I Like: does or did have a pop-up sign-up form but perhaps they disabled it and decided to go with this consistent sign-up form at the very bottom of their website. At first, you wouldn’t think that this works. But for those who scroll, this form location works. You can’t help but notice it as you scroll down the page. Go ahead. Try it!


Do you have any tips of your own you'd add to this list or great examples of pop-ups that you'd like to share? Comment below!