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Is it me or have you also noticed the awareness of women entrepreneurs and small business owners increase over the past year? I certainly have noticed it in the digital media and technology genre, with more and more people getting on the Kids Can Code, Black Girls CODE and Girls Who Code bandwagon (myself being one!). It's exciting! And over the past year or so, I've made it no secret (check Twitter) on how much I love and support small businesses such as Sisarina, I Want Her Job, etc. It's true. I've become extremely excited by what I'm seeing on Twitter, Facebook and the like, around what women entrepreneurs and small business owners are doing and what they had accomplished over the past several years; entrepreneurs and small businesses owners such as Charleston's own Sandee Jackson, Melanie Spring of Sisarina, Christine St. Vil of Moms N Charge, Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code and countless others.

After this realization it was decided that these women and their businesses needed to be highlighted. Not only featured for what they do but noted for how they do business, how they got to this position they're in love with and how they service their customers; all in an effort to understand the lessons they have learned, which might be of benefit to other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I am excited that a handful of these women have signed on to be a part of a new blog franchise, right here on CraftWebSolutions.com, that will showcase – in a traditional Q&A format – answers to some of the most pressing questions I listed above. 

If you are a woman entrepreneur and small business owner, working in digital media (content and website creation, digital marketing, social media, etc) and have had great success in a short period of time, are passionate about what you're doing and can't wait to share that passion with others, I want to tell your story! Get in touch with me today at info@craftwebsolutions.com.

January: Q&A with Melanie Spring, Sisarina.com

February: Q&A with Christine St.Vil, Mom's N' Charge

March: Q&A with Nesha Woolery, Nesha Designs