Welcome to the second installment of "Women Entrepreneurs in Digital Media," where each month, in 2015, Craft Web Solutions will highlight one woman entreprenuer doing some pretty awesome things in the name of digital media. For the month of February, I'm shining a light on Christine St.Vil, founder of Mom's N' Charge™.

Since 2011, Christine has been "hustling!" A wife and mother of 3, Christine left her corporate job, started her company – working with other mothers, who needed to be reminded that their dreams are still possible. During the past 6 years, she's evolved her company into a quickly growing social media and blogging powerhouse. But let me not spoil the fun. I'll let Christine talk more about Mom's N' Charge, and the great things that she's doing.

Full disclosure: Christine St.Vil is my awesome, sister-in-law (one of 5!). :-)

Q. Who is Christine St.Vil?

Christine: Wife (going on 10 years), mom of 3 (ages 3, 5 and 7), homeschooler and mompreneur.


Q. Briefly talk about your life before Mom’s ‘N Charge, which ultimately led to starting the business.

Christine: I left my corporate job on January 21, 2011 (yes, I remember the date. Lol). My own experience of losing myself, my identity to motherhood, when I left my corporate job and became a SAHM (stay at home mom) is what prompted me to start Mom’s ‘N Charge™ (MNC). I realized that I needed to start taking better care of myself after I experienced a period of postpartum depression. After speaking with other moms and following different mom bloggers, I saw that there was a commonality: mom guilt, which ultimately led to putting their dreams/goals on hold because they held the title of “mom.” I wanted to change the conversation about motherhood and success – that it doesn’t have to be an “either/or” situation, but that we could have both.


Q. Why did you decide to get into social media marketing?

Christine: I actually got into social media before I knew it was marketing. LOL. When I became a SAHM, the way I connected to people, since I was home all the time, was online – through blogs, Facebook and then through Twitter, etc. As a blogger, I had to start using all of these platforms and engaging with other bloggers on social media. So it was natural for me to begin working to teach others how to leverage social media for their own platforms/businesses.


Q. How long has Mom’s ‘N Charge been in business? 

Christine: I started Moms N Charge™ in 2012. The focus has always been to inspire and motivate moms to go after their dreams and goals. I wanted moms to understand that they didn't have to choose between being a great mom and creating the life of their dreams. They could do both, and do both successfully with the right tools, strategies and support.


Q. What service do you provide to your clients? 

Christine: Through Mom’s ‘N Charge, I work with brands to promote their products. I offer one-on-one coaching as well as group, and online courses around goal setting and finding your purpose. As of 2014, Mom’s ‘N Charge™ is a division of Purpose Driven Media, LLC. I wanted a way to fuse my love of helping moms as well as my love for social media and blogging. Some of the other services I offer include social media consulting, social media management, speaking, sponsored posts and Twitter parties.


Q. What drives you? What gets you excited to wake up every morning, to work in your business? 

Christine: Honestly, it’s my husband and children, the clients that I work with, the people out there who share what my work has done for them – it keeps me pushing to do more and be more.


Q. Do you always make sure to bring this same passion/drive with you when working with clients? 

Christine: Absolutely! I was speaking to a client the other day who (unbeknownst to me) had been going through a really rough patch and that day had a tough day. She thanked me for being so passionate and excited about her outlook, and wanted to strive to have the same drive/passion.


Q. What are some of the popular trends in Social Media for 2015?

Christine: I teach social media for entrepreneurs and small businesses because ultimately, they don’t understand the impact it can have on their bottom line by not having an online strategy in place. People are using SM to drive traffic to their products and services. You can’t watch the news or shows online now, without seeing the hashtag and Twitter handles because it’s now common to live Tweet during shows, etc. When you go to events, there is usually a hashtag in place for you to share your pictures and for people to easily connect.

Before, social media there was a luxury and just a fun pastime. Now, it’s a necessity. Mobile marketing continues to be on the rise simply because everyone has a smartphone that they keep on them at all times. Lol. Big brands are now working with bloggers regularly to get the word out about their new products or services (everyone from Nissan to Target and everything in between).


Q. I hear that Facebook is for Gen X and the Boomers now, whereas Instagram is now for the Millennials. Do you see more clients wanting to be on Instagram?

Christine: It actually depends on their business. I’m definitely working with clients so they can understand how to best determine which platform is right for them. A lot of clients don’t initially understand the importance of reviewing your website’s Google analytics regularly. It will tell you where your traffic is coming from and what content is producing results.

With all of the new changes to algorithms in Facebook, small business and entrepreneurs are looking for better, more effective ways to reach their clients. Instagram, and Twitter are really great options and ways to connect with your audience on a personal level.


Q. What’s the No. 1 challenge that your clients face? What are some of the common requests? For instance, do they want to be on certain social platforms that perhaps they don’t need to be on?

Christine: I would say the number one challenge for my digital clients is feeling overwhelmed by all of the different platforms out there. There’s a lot of choices, which usually leads to confusion. But I teach them to focus on one thing and do it great! Then, once they master that one, they can move on to the next. But again, it’s all about really understanding your market and where they interact with you best.


Q. What are some common misconceptions surrounding social media that you’ve come across while working with clients, speaking to peers, etc?

Christine: That it’s not for everyone or that there’s no real benefit to being active on social media.


Q. Name 3 of your favorite platforms to help in managing your social media: scheduling, meme creation, etc.

Christine: Buffer is a must for content scheduling/automation. I use Tweetdeck a lot when I’m hosting or participating in Twitter parties, but it’s great for scheduling as well. Canva and Pic Monkey, I use every day (for meme creation and more).


Q. What’s it that you love most about your job?

Christine: It allows me to be home nearly every day for my family. There’s a lot of flexibility in what I do and how I work. I love that my job involves attending movie screenings and press only events like the Washington Auto Show. It’s so much fun and I get to interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. It definitely doesn’t feel like work.


Q. Where do you see Mom’s ‘N Charge in the next 1-2 years?

Christine: A force to be reckoned with J I’m actually in the process of extending my brand through my umbrella company, Purpose Driven Media, LLC. We will be focusing specifically on online/live courses and trainings, as well as management for social media and blogging.


Q. Last question, and it’s a goody. What’s your favorite: Instagram or Pinterest?

Christine: Instagram for engagement/sharing and Pinterest for traffic back to my website.


A big thank you to Christine, for taking the time to answer my quesitons, and share her experiences and passion for social media.

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