Michigan-born, Atlanta-based, digital marketing strategist Courtney Herring is a woman on the move! Energetic. Focused. Ready to take the world and your story, to the next level. Courtney is focused on making you money through your product and story. Without further ado, let’s meet Courtney Herring.

How did you find yourself in digital media?

Courtney: I came into digital media because I was an early adapter of social media. When I was in high school, Facebook had just come out. I graduated high school in 2005 and Facebook was created in 2004. At that time, if anybody is familiar with how Facebook started, they’ll know it was only for college students, so I was so excited to sign up and connect with people. I realized throughout my college experience, and even into grad school, how powerful this medium was and I saw at the same time how the digital landscape was making a shift and it was growing! It was presenting opportunities that were not there before. I saw the change of the tide. 

Initially my life long dream was to be a journalist. I wanted to be a news anchor. I always had that love of the vocation, writing and sharing stories. So that is why I consider myself a digital story-teller. I did not initially wan to be an entrepreneur so early on in my life, I always had an entrepreneurial spirit because I grew up in an entrepreneurial household. My mother was a restaurant owner, and she had a catering business. She built her business up from nothing.


You call yourself an entrep-producer. Tell us a little bit about why.

Courtney: I consider myself an entre-producer because of my entrepreneurial spirit where I combine entrepreneur with producer. I really get my joy in helping people produce content stories; and more specifically helping them package their expertise and their stories, their products and programs to launch them in the market place. I coach people on how to actually do this: How to create a presentation and how to launch, because there are a lot of people that have really great communities online and they are looking to leverage those communities. And so one great way to do that is to do a launch. I also consider myself the entre-producer because I help people produce these products and launch them into the market place. 


Talk a little bit more about your business – The Champ Media Agency. How did you decide upon that name and what are the different services that you provide?

Courtney: Ever since I was a child, my nickname to my mom and the rest of the family has been Champ. If she would call my phone right now, she would say, “Hey Champ.”  She always call me that, even before I knew what a Champ was or what the meaning was, she spoke that over my life (that I am a Champ). I’m a huge believer in the power of words and I believe that that affirmation that I was a winner even before I knew what it was or what I was going to do with it. I believe that it set the stage for me to launch my business and be successful at it. As an ode to my mother, I named my business the Champ Media Agency.


That’s great. Names do have power and I think that it’s great that it has such a deep meaning for you. Tell me a little bit about the different types of services that you offer your client?

Courtney:  I offer one-on-one mentorship to coaches, speakers, authors and thought-leaders in personal development; people who really get their joy out of helping others with their best lives. I help them launch their products whether it’s e-books or whether it’s an online course, into the marketplace. A lot of times, people have wonderful ideas for online courses and membership sites and they have all of this expertise and they want to package it up and make it a little more evergreen. That’s what I do. I help people launch their idea out of their head.


That’s awesome. I have had an e-book, it has been written, it probably needs some tweaking but when I say it has been in my head and it has been in my Google documents for too long…crazy.

Courtney: Oh yeah, you need to launch (laughs)! I find a lot of entrepreneurs and coaches and authors, really suffer from the paralysis, of “oh my goodness, I really don’t have the time.” Perfection paralysis often plagues a lot of us and so I’m here to really push you out of your comfort zone and say, “hey, you can do this.” I believe that adding value first is the first step in really launching something of worth.


Tell the readers a little bit about branding, another service you provide.

Courtney: Yes, so branding is included in launching a product. Branding is everywhere. A lot of people misunderstand that branding isn’t just a logo, cheap tagline and your website. That’s in the realm of visual branding and it’s important. But your brand really is your reputation in the market place and your message. Your brand is about what people say about you when you aren’t able to be in the room. It’s incredibly important because a lot of the time it’s based off of perception. We know that a lot of times perception is reality, so what I do is marry that perception with the reality, so who you really are as a coach, leader, speaker or thought leader. Branding is incredibly important because it could mean the difference between someone buying your product, or buying something else. People do business and they support people who they like, know and trust and when you create a brand that is conducive to all of those things, you really can win.


Is that what gets you excited to wake up each morning and work in your purpose?

Courtney: I refer to myself as a storyteller because I believe that as humans we are storytellers. I mean why else can’t we resist a very good piece of gossip. Stories really connect people and they allow us to process information faster and with more understanding. Stories create community and stories are connecting points. That’s why I really love telling peoples brand stories online; because in this digital landscape transparency is very important and authentic. I believe that when you have a great story to tell people, they get connected with you, and become a part of your community and they become more engaged.

I’m a very curious person and I love to ask questions, and so I didn’t completely abandon my journalistic news anchor routes. I love interviewing people, I love seeing, listening and understanding their journey. 

I believe as entrepreneurs in this new digital landscape, it’s incredibly difficult, so it’s a mistake not to inject your story in to your content. I think that with there being so much noise in the market place (everybody is on social media), your story is your fingerprint. It’s unique to you.


Where do you see the Champ Media Agency in the next 2-3 years? 

Courtney: I see the Champ Media Agency as a resource for people in personal development. I see The Champ Media Agency operating as one of the foremost agencies to help people launch their ideas and better their lives. What I find with “launching” is that it broadens your impact. I have a few clients who are one-on-one coaches, but its another thing to impact thousands of people, even millions of people, and so I hope that the Champ Media Agency will add value to the market place by helping people continue to broaden their horizons.


Thank you, Courtney, for such a wonderful interview.

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Women Entrepreneurs in Digital Media: Courtney Herring
Michigan-born, Atlanta-based, digital marketing strategist Courtney Herring is a woman on the move! Energetic. Focused. Ready to take the world and your story, to the next level. Courtney is focused on making you money through your product and story. Without further ado, let’s meet Courtney Herring.