Welcome to March, everyone, and the third installment in Women Entrepreneurs in Digital Media. I’m pleased to bring this month’s Q&A to you featuring Nesha Woolery, a digital and print designer. Nesha operates out of her England-based design firm Nesha Designs. I came across Nesha’s designs on Pinterest one day, looking for new website designs to Pin. Nesha’s creative genius speaks volumes to the depth in which she’s able to envision the branding for her clients. To say that I had an instant crush is an understatement. I could have filled my entire month-long celebration of 28 Days We Love: Website Designs in February, with all of Nesha’s gorgeous designs. Her use of color, attention to layout, detail and more, is tear-jerking, for those of us (me!) who cry at ridiculously, beautiful photography at the drop of a dime.

I trust that you will learn and be inspired by Nesha Woolery, as I have..

Q. What’s the name of your company and your day-to-day role?

Nesha: Nesha Designs (http://neshadesigns.com/) and I'm a brand designer for creative women entrepreneurs.


Q. Who is Nesha Woolery?

Nesha: I'm a brand designer for creative women entrepreneurs, based in the UK, but I work with clients from all over the world!


Q. How did you get started in design?

Nesha: I began designing logos as a hobby when I was 16 years old. When businesses started asking if they could hire me to design their logo, I realized I had a natural knack for design. I could happily get lost in the world of brand design for hours! So I decided to pursue it as my career. Years later, I launched my own design business. Now, I work comfortably from my home office in England. I’ve been fortunate enough to design for leading ladies like Nikki Groom, Halley Gray and Shenee Howard, but I’ve also been blessed to work with brand new business owners who knew their potential and needed creatives like me to help them release it.


Q. When and why did you launch Nesha Designs?

Nesha: I launched my business under a different name three years ago. I decided to start my own business because I was fed up of working a dead-end job where I didn't get to use my creativity- I wanted more freedom, and I truly felt like entrepreneurship was the path for me.


Q. Are you a team of one, few or many?

Nesha: I run my business solo.


Q. What’s it that you love most about your job?

Nesha: I love the freedom of being my own boss. I think freedom is the biggest advantage to entrepreneurship!


Q. What gets you excited to wake up every morning and create something new? What drives you?

Nesha: My diverse clients. Nearly all of my clients are women with small, successful businesses. But the range of businesses and styles is what keeps my work interesting!


Q. Do you use Pinterest to find inspiration or do you use another medium, such as creating your own mood boards?

Nesha: I use Pinterest and mood boards. First, I get my brand design clients to fill a Pinterest board with inspiration for their project. Then, we hone in on the key bits of inspiration they love the most and I make a mood board from them. 


Q. What’s the importance of mood boards for your work? 

Nesha: The mood board represents the direction we'll be heading in with their project, and also represents the color scheme we're going for.


Q. Do you have recommendations for how to get started in creating mood boards? 

Nesha: I make my mood boards in Photoshop. You can download some of my mood board templates and use them yourself! You can sign up and get them here.


Q. A lot of new entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle in finding clients. Do you have any advice for them?

Nesha: Finding clients is a huge struggle when you're new to freelancing. My advice is this: make lots of connections within your industry and with people in similar creative industries. Most of my clients come from referrals, and the best way to get referrals is to make lots of friends and connections.


Q. What are some of the common bells and whistles that your clients request, and that they probably don’t need or will never use?

Nesha: I sell packages, so what my clients get is what is included in the package. This usually eliminates clients asking for unnecessary things!


Q. Where do you see Nesha Designs in 1-2 years? Any big changes on the horizon?

Nesha: I've just rebranded and focused my business on brand design. Over the next few years, I'd loooove to start selling eBooks and courses. In fact, I'm releasing a course in Spring for freelance girls. You can sign up for more information here.


Q. Do you have a favorite designer that’s brought you inspiration? 

Nesha: I'm constantly inspired by designers similar to me, like Salted Ink and Saffron Avenue. Their designs are pretty and perfect!


Q. Do you have a favorite website design – either yours or someone else’s? 

Nesha: The Everygirl website design is one of my faves. I have a Pinterest board where I pin all my favorite website designs.


A big thank you to Nesha for taking the time to answer my questions during her busy schedule. Follow Nesha on Twitter and Pinterest.


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